Specialty Products


We stock a complete line of Apitong and Para Angelim products designed specifically for the trailer, truck body and container industry.  Unlike many “importers” that come and go, we are committed to the transportation industry and are considered experts in our field.

We have a dedicated staff both stateside and abroad to manage product quality with our supply partners throughout Asia and South America.  What really sets Rockland apart is our extensive millwork and warehousing operation in Monon, Indiana.  Unlike traders who sell product out of port warehouses, we actually take possession of our products, inspect them and further machine them as needed.  We are uniquely able to inspect and measure each piece before it’s delivered to your location.


We provide a variety of common products the industry uses on a daily basis as well as fully custom profiles designed for specific equipment or applications.  Below is a list of the product categories we keep in stock.

  • Solid Apitong Decking
  • Finger-Jointed Decking
  • Tie Slats
  • Kick Boards
  • Heavy Low Boy Decking
  • Fillers for Refrigerated Trailers


We can make almost anything you can imagine.  We produce everything from custom floor kits for new OEM flat bed production to notched and pre-drilled fillers for refrigerated van production.  Give us a call to discuss your next project.